The Derby Days Barrel Race

May 6 – 8, 2022 @ The Southeastern Livestock Pavilion in Ocala, FL



8:00am - 9:00amFree Futurity Horse Exhibitions
9:00amOffice Open for Check-In
9:00am - 2:00pmExhibitions $5ea @ Gate
3:00pmOpen 4D Warm Up Race
7:00pm (Approximate)High Stakes All-In 2D Race
...Warm-up Race to Continue After (If Needed)


7:00am - 9:00amExhibitions $5ea @ Gate
8:00amOffice Open
10:00amFuturity 1st Go
11:00amDerby 1st Go
...Big Drag
...Open 4D
*Future Fortunes & Select Stallion Stakes!
5:30pmStop Race to Watch Kentucky Derby - will announced by 2pm what Big Drag we will cut off Open for
...Continue Open
Band to Follow Directly After


8:00amCowboy Church
8:30amOffice Open
9:00amFuturity 2nd Go
...15 Minute Break, Big Drag
...Derby 2nd Go
...15 Minute Break, Big Drag
...Open 4D
Live Drawing to Follow 15 Minute Break After the Open Ends. Must be present to win!


2022 RULES:

  • The average format will pay out based on the best two of all three runs; Fri, Sat & Sun.
  • Futurity is for 4 & 5 year olds not raced before November 15, 2021. Must have copy of papers in the office before the start of the Futurity. 80% of entry fees and 100% added money
  • Futurity is 2 Go’s, both separate races with a 1 second 2D split.
  • Derby will follow directly after the Futurity and will be paid in an 80/20 entry fee split with 100% added money. Futurity and Derby will run both Saturday and Sunday. $1,000.00 Added to the Futurity each day and $250 added to the Derby each day
  • Derby Horse age will be 8 years and younger.
  • Pre-entries must be done online before Monday May 2, at Midnight. Late fees apply after 5/2.
  • All payments made with credit card will be charged a 4% fee.
  • No refunds for rider and no rider changes & No entry will be accepted without a name in the horse column. It will be a $20.00 office fee to change horses order after draw is posted per change. Vet outs must be done before midnight at 5/4 and will be refunded entry fee only.
  • No refunds on stalls or hook ups.
  • Late entries will be issued a late fee one time and Friday night late fee will be waived on Friday entries.
  • All horses must be stalled. No tie outs will be allowed. If a horse is tied out after 3 hours after the show ends its owner is excepting the $250 fine given by the county or allowing producer to move their horse into a stall and pay the weekend stall fee.
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Western attire required. Long sleeve, cowboy hat or helmet unless wearing a production shirt and production hat.
  • Novice rider class-rider should not have earned over $1000 in lifetime earnings ever in the 1-D or has only been riding for less than a year. Novice 3-D’s First division will start one second off the fastest time.
  • $40 fee for returned checks
  • Side pots will be paid 80/20
  • All prizes will be given after the show on Sunday and MUST BE present to receive them.
  • Standard 4-D Format that will be paid 100% of added money and 70% of the entry fees.
  • The High Stakes- All in Barrel Race must be entered online and entered before the cut off for pre entries on May 2. The entry fee will be $150 and all the High Stakes Horses will run Friday night. We will do our best to give each rider splits however the splits will be determined by the amount of entries we have. The High stakes race will pay as a 2-D with a .5 second split. We will pay one place in each D. The pot will be paid 60 percent to the 1-D winner and 40 percent to the 2-D winner. Winner must be present to receive a check and take pictures during the first big drag after the High Stakes All in Race.
  • No refund on the High Stakes All in Barrel Race
  • Stalls are good from Friday night to Sunday Evening. Stalls are first come first serve. Stalls needing specific priority must be bought online. Anyone who comes in before 6am on Friday am will be responsible for paying for Thursday night
  • The first 260 stalls will be charged $85 and come with a bag of shavings. All stalls purchased after that will be temporary stalls and cost $85 and will not come with shaving but will be on clay. .
  • Hook Ups must be paid online and first come first serve.
  • Horses must check into the holding pen the drag before. If they are not in the holding pen they will forfeit their run.
  • All checks will be paid onsite. If you do not pick up your check onsite we will mail you your check within 30 days of the event date.
  • Perdue Productions reserves the right to create any new rule or modify any existing rule, in order to better the sport or this barrel race. We will run off of NBHA and WPRA rules
  • Any errors regarding results or side pots must be reported in person to the office staff before the end of the class in question. No changes will be made once checks have been issued.  Check real-time results at Saddlebook.
  • Please see the Sweepstakes Stallions and Farms listed on the web site to see who is eligible for the sweepstakes race.
  • The show schedule will be posted the week before the barrel race on the event Facebook page.


Contact Information:
Brandon Perdue