The calendar at has some pretty cool search features, enabling users to view events in a variety of ways and search on distance, arena, producer and more.  Check out the below tips to get the most out of your searches.


View As

Show events by Month, Week, List, Day, Map or Photo.  By default, the calendar shows the Month view.


Distance From

You can put a location (City, State) into the “Near” section of the Search Bar.  This will give you a listing of events within 100 miles.  You can change the distance from 5 to 250 miles in the “Narrow Your Results” bar below.


Keyword Search

Search for a keyword (for instance, WBRL) to find all events that might be WBRL approved.



Print Events

The rodeo road just got a heck of a lot easier (you know, the one where you haul a fifty footer for just one horse)!  You can easily print a single event and take it with you.  Just scroll to the bottom of the event page, where you will see the social sharing icons, along with a printer icon.  Clicking on the printer icon will open your browser’s print dialog, where a simplified version of the event page will be displayed for print.


Tips For Producers

When creating your Facebook event, there are a few things that you should be doing to ensure that it shows up properly on goBarrelRace.  The below items will become even more important as the calendar grows, so be sure to keep a check list handy.

  • Follow the Facebook recommendation for a short, but clear, event title.
  • List all of the event sanctions in the description (BBR, WBRL, WPRA etc) to help users search for these events specifically.
  • Add the full address to the arena.  This one is the MOST important.  Without an arena listed, your event won’t show up if a user searches by location in any manner.  That means if a person wants to see shows for Florida only, or 250 miles from their home town, your event won’t show up.
  • Keep your event description as current as possible.  Posts within the event don’t carry over to the calendar, so if it’s important that a user sees it, add it to the event description (the “Details” section).  A good example of an event description that syncs to goBarrelRace well: Tour of Champions: Stop Three.
  • If you cancel or change the time of your event, update the event title to reflect this (eg: “CANCELLED” or “TIME CHANGE”) so that users can quickly realize there’s been a change.  It’s also better when cancelling an event to NOT delete it from Facebook, so that everyone can easily see it’s been cancelled.  Deleting the Facebook event completely removes it, and may leave people thinking it’s still on and they just can’t find the event.  Additionally, goBarrelRace does not have the ability to recognize when an event has been deleted from Facebook, and it will remain on the site.