Barrel Race Results – Beta


A full featured spreadsheet for running small- to mid-size barrel races (500 entries or less).

A perfect solution for small- to mid-size producers, the goBarrelRace Results Spreadsheet can handle up to 500 entries and two side pots, with automatic payout calculation, recognition of ties, and the ability to run the race as a 1D all the way to a 4D.  Automatically lists results in color-coordinated divisions with user-friendly Print and Save to PDF functions.



  • Supports 1D to 4D formats
  • Customize each “race” individually (main race and each side pot):
    • Percentage of entry fees & added money to pay
    • Percentages to each division; easy button click to default to 4D (35%-30%-25%-15%)
    • Added money format (equal across all divisions or split as defined for each division)
    • Default places to pay (1 to 8) based on number of entries with override setting to pay the amount of places that you decide (max 8)
    • Change division format for each “race” individually by changing or deleting split info
  • Random draw generator: attempts to provide splits for riders with multiple horses, but some manual manipulation may be required to provide adequate splits, especially for smaller races
  • Ability to sort entries by draw number, rider, side pot one and side pot two
  • Easily save entries and results to PDF or print for future reference
  • Shows total fees collected, total paid and total to producer (both with and without added money)
  • Supports up to 500 entries
  • Default settings based on NBHA rules – BBR settings coming soon!



  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher; Microsoft Excel for iPad – Limited Functionality when Running on IOS devices (Macros not supported)
  • Ability to run macro-enabled workbooks (non-macro version is available upon request)


BETA Version:

  • Please note: This is a beta release, and while it has been tested extensively on our end, there is no comprehensive user manual at this time.  As such, we are offering the Barrel Race Results at a discounted price to help in our testing, with full support for 60 days after date of purchase.